How to Apply

Welcome to The Oberon House!

The Oberon House takes its name from the Arvada community, reflecting our strong orientation to being community supported and providing a community service for those in need of assistance. We strive to create the most responsive, innovative, and progressive environment available. The following is a guide to becoming a member of our community.

1. Visit us! Come experience our warm home-like atmosphere. We encourage you to tour The Oberon House to get a feel of the environment and talk with us.

2. While taking a tour, ask for our Information Packet. Filling out the forms in it enables us to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about your family member. We will know their functional capabilities, cognitive abilities, social likes and dislikes, hobbies and food preferences. We create a care plan to fit their needs.

3. Submit the Application for Residency. This will put you in position to obtain a place for your family member to receive the best of care at the earliest possible opening. We schedule an assessment of your family member at a time that is convenient for you.

4. When it is time for your family member to move in to our community, we will complete the admission packet with you. This must include a copy of the resident’s most recent history and physical from their physicians as well as copies of legal paperwork such as  Power of Attorney and Guardianship papers.

5. Moving into The Oberon House. When moving your family member into their apartment, you will want to bring their own furnishings to make them feel as comfortable int heir surroundings as possible.  All clothing should be marked with a permanent fabric marker. This helps minimize clothing loss when laundry is done.

6. Stay in touch. You are always welcome to visit . If you are inclined, please consider volunteering. Volunteers help with activities and work with individual residents by reading, writing letters or reminiscing. Attend all of our special events on holidays, birthdays, or musical entertainment.  We enjoy talking with you and getting your insight and feedback.

Q & A

The Oberon House is a special place individuals and families come when an elderly loved one needs a safe and comfortable living arrangement. The following are  questions that we are often asked.

“I’m looking for a place for my mother, tell me a little about The Oberon House.”

The Oberon House started out as a small personal-care boarding home in 1987. The founders Jack and Catherine Brunel took great pride in providing for Arvada’s elderly.  In 1998, The Oberon House was expanded to its present facility which is licensed to serve 66 residents.

Our focus is on providing the best quality of life possible for our residents. This is achieved by offering a high quality basic package that includes meals, assistance with the activities of daily living, a warm atmosphere in a comfortable and attractive environment, and social stimulation that comes from participating in the activities and programs provided. More than the basic package, The Oberon’s management recognizes that each resident is an individual with specific needs, likes, and dislikes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our individual plans of care.

“How do I know that the Oberon House is appropriate for my dad?”

With the input of the applicant’s primary care physician, we assess your family member to determine if assisted living is necessary, and whether The Oberon House is able to meet the individual’s care needs. We work with the family before admission to help answer this question. We understand and will assist in the transition from their current living situation to living with assistance at the Oberon House.

“What about cost? What if mom spends her savings while she is here?”

The Oberon House practices sound financial management to keep rates as reasonable as possible. We are licensed by the State of Colorado to allow a resident that meets a qualifying period of private pay to transition to Medicaid. If this is a concern, we are available to discuss this with you further.

“What should I look for in an assisted living facility?”

In looking for an assisted living facility, look for one that offers those programs and services that can meet the functional and social needs of your family member. The Oberon House is a moderately sized facility that provides the amenities and services of larger facilities, yet retains the small home-like atmosphere. The questions you should also ask are:  Is the facility in a safe neighborhood? Is the environment attractive, yet comfortable, well-maintained and handicapped accessible? Is the food nutritious, varied, and good tasting? Does the atmosphere feel good when you walk through the door? Are the staff well-trained, friendly, and helpful? Come and talk to us. We will answer any specific questions you may have.

“What will happen to my family member as she/he ages?”

At the Oberon House, we recognize the necessity for a flexible program of services that continue to be tailored to the changing needs of our residents. Our staff are trained to appreciate and adapt to these changing needs. Functional and cognitive needs assessments are done regularly to update the care plan to appropriately address and adequately meet the needs of our residents.

We strive to provide care to the end of the individual’s life by offering additional services and working with outside agencies such as home health care and hospice. This enables our residents to stay as long as possible in the place that has become their home.

Jobs / Volunteer

We’re looking for talented and caring individuals to join our team.

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